Instantly Obsolete

Your Dad’s Demographics

I scored a 98!

Our current constructs for segmenting people are rapidly becoming antiquated. While not useless, traditional segmentations are certainly inadequate — particularly when thinking about the digital landscape. So, why is it that so many marketers are satisfied developing strategies predicated on gender, geography, generational intervals or broad psychological generalizations?

As an early “GenXer”, born closer to 1965 then 1980, I some how scored 98% in Pew’s “How Millennial Are You Quiz”. Why? Because I get my news online? Or play video games with my kids? Oh, maybe it’s the tattoo. From what I’ve witnessed, I’m far from unique among my peers.

Recently I read a personal blog post with photos recapping a restaurant dining experience shared by a group of women celebrating an 87th birthday. Could it be, a woman born before the “Silent generation” (1928-1945) exhibiting “Millennial” behaviors too?

Let’s face it, segmentations like these often lack the depth and nuance to spur fresh insights.

Perhaps its time for us considers some new models — starting with people’s behaviors, values, priorities and needs as a base. Using that understanding to establish new criterion for grouping people informed on how they navigate and engage in our digital world.

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