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The evolution of Chris Anderson’s Three-Party Market (Free, 2009)

For marketers, building brand awareness and relevance is always top-of-mind. One popular tactic has been (and remains) product placement in narrative content. As we’ve all experienced, the execution is often brazen and forced. Hardly has it ever added any value to the stories or promoted real affinity for the brands.

The following post from Mel Exon of BBH Labs, A Perfect Storm The Social Web, Storytelling And Brands, examines this relationship. His HER proposal challenges brands and content producers to utilize the social web to fuel creativity and forge connections – proposing that the ensuing three-way partnership can infuse new meaning (and value) into the experience.

Behold, the full presentation:

The best and worst of dumb product placement exemplified in the first 30 seconds of the Talladega Nights — Prayer to Baby Jesus clip.

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